The Harmonist

Just finished photographing project and I am so happy that I had opportunity to learn more about the amazing perfumes by french based "The Harmonist"  - inspired by centuries of Asian philosophy. The fragrances smell so good, seductive and sexy.

The store is designed by Alnoor the self styled crazy 'Art Director' of Objets de Convoitises. His designs are recognizable with established brands in the luxury sector such as Dior, Calvin Klein, Krug, Mont Blanc, Moet & Chandon and Givenchy. Concept of the store is a mix of traditional and modern components and represent five basic elements of Feng Shui philosophy, elements of Fire, Water, Wood, Earth and Metal.

The Harmonist is on Melrose Place in West Hollywood. A must see! 

You can find out about your element just by going on their website